Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Round 2 "ding ding"

elo again...

Yeah so the main reason Im even doing this is vecause of my dear buddy Helen... who, when I get the chance, I plan on embarrasing completely as I have learnt that blogs can be used for this simple yet devious act ;)

So anyway back onto a new topic... the randomness for 2day is pretty minimal as I have only just got back to uni so haven't really had the chance to get into much mischief...yet... give me a day...
well technically blowing up my experiment yesterday was pretty funny I wont lie... I never realised how reactive aliminium really was... haha

As for the hols... yeah they were pretty chilled, other than eating a monster ice cream in 20 secs and winning copious amounts of pens and coolerbags, oh and I did house sit for my old maths teacher over the easter weekend... if thats not random id like a post telling me what is...

yeah the hols were great...

anyway I plan on going to buy a fish 2nite so that i can watch it watching me :)

t-bob out

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The ness du random



Just thought I'd give you guys a heads-up before you actually start reading this.

This is very spur of the moment.

What you are about to read could be dangerous. Do not try this at home. Although it's unlikely that you could as very few people have 12-foot snakes and tigers in your living rooms. I don't either. I would kill to have a tiger in my living room.

Hey look that never happened! NEXT! What has that got to do with anything?!?

One thing you'll notice in my blog: if you want random you'll find it here. I don't think about what I do, I just do it. Like that one time when we tried to go to band camp... And so I learned to play the glockenspiel.